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1-30 Min Jump Sauna Session

Enjoy 30 minutes of relaxing heat that will naturally detox your body and boost immune function or choose to add some fitness to your session with the rebounding and band options.

30-Min Therapeutic Massage

Redeem for 30 Min Therapeutic Massage with Inside-Out Bodyworks, LLC

5 Lac Probiotic

This is by far the most effective Probiotic I have used. I had tried many when I worked in a health food store and got discounts but none work like this one. I found 5 Lac 12 years ago. I used to get dark field blood studies done. when I switched to this probiotic that I didn't get discounts on, my blood showed significant improvement. Less, yeast, bacteria on my red blood cells and no parasites. AND my stomach was much happier.

90-Min Deep Tissue massage

Simply print this certificate and redeem for a 90-Min Deep Tissue Massage at Inside-out Bodyworks. LLC

Echinacea Bulk herbs/tea

2 ounce packages of Organic, cut and sifted
Echinacea is used for treating:
acid indigestion
attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
chronic fatigue syndrome
*genital herpes (virus)
gum disease
rattlesnake bite
septicemia – bloodstream infection
streptococcus infection
urinary tract infection
vaginal yeast infection

Infrared Jump Sauna Package 10 visits

Regular price for an individual sauna session is $20
Purchasing a 10 visit package saves you $20.00
You have 6 months to use your sessions, however, they are not transferable.

Weight Loss & Cellulite Reduction
Beautiful Skin
Pain Relief
Improved Circulation
Stimulates Immune System
Removes Heavy Metals
Removes Fat-Stored Toxins

Ionic Foot Detox Package

Buy 4 get the fifth one free.
Not transferable.

Gift certificate massage- 1 HR

Certificate is good for 1 hour massage at Inside-Out Bodyworks. Certificate can be used as partial payment for 75 or 90 minute massage as well.